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Nowadays buying cleaning products became a big issue. People want to keep their homes as clean as possible. However strong materials can destroy surfaces or even harm the skin. It is even more difficult to find a good product when we are talking about families with children and/or pets.

The PUIRIF brand helps us to get rid of the dust, grease, and calc without harming us and our costumer's health. All the cleaning materials are safe for people and environmental friendly. Each product is a concentrate, which consists of special bacteria.

The principle of these bacterias is that they get into the dirt and absorb it without damaging the surface.

Formula A cleans each surface perfectly, it is great for floors, outside of the toilet, sinks, sanitary fixtures, window panels etc. Whether you are cleaning a desk, a mirror or a bathroom - you will not leave any streaks. The formula A helps us make sure surfaces are clean and leaves fresh scent. Systematic pouring of the solution of universal Formula A to siphons prevents formation of unpleasant odors. The neutral PH protects delicate surfaces, such as marble or ceramic. Regular application of the product creates an organic protective layer, which systematically fights germs in your home.

Formula B will remove even the most resistant

type of limestone. It perfectly cleans: sinks, baths, stainless steel faucets, drains, toilets, showers, tiles, etc. It effectively removes soap and limescale. It does not scratch or damage  surfaces. With Formula B, you will keep your kitchen and bathroom impeccable . The solution will easily deal with dirt that seemed impossible to remove, leaving a nice, fresh


Formula C  will work well in

your kitchen, pantry and dining room. The bacteria it contains works really good in places where surfaces have contact with food. It successfully removes grease and harmful bacterias. 

A convenient spray helps you reach the most inaccessible spots. MicroAdvanced Technology is friendly to your body and the environment where you live. Eating fruits, vegetables or baked goods that were left on the cleaned surface is completely safe for you. It is all thanks to the helpful bacterias, which absorb germs while you relax.

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