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We would like to make cleaning process as comfortable as it is possible for You. Thus, You can customize your own cleaning plan for your home. It can include, but is not limited to, the following:

Cleaning of all rooms, including toilets, bath, kitchen, mirrors, and internal glass surfaces.

Care of wooden floors, tiles, vinyl, and linoleum floors.

Price can be given over the phone. Can be terminated from day to day.

Fixed cleaning assistant

Eco-labeled cleaning products​

Remember also that private cleaning can be deductible on Your tax return, cf. the so-called service deduction "The craft deduction” (håndværke fradrag). You can search information at or inquire with Skat or Your tax advisor about Your options.

The typical cleaning plan is as below, but of course can be adapted to your needs:


Dust of all accessible horizontal surfaces (window sills, tables, shelving, fixtures, table and wall lamps, etc.)

 All floors are vacuum cleaned and hard floors are washed.

 Stains and marks are removed from the main contact areas on doors, door frames and light switches. TV, telephones, and computers are dusted.

Upholstered furnitures vacuumed (cushions not lifted).

Picture frames are wiped.

KITCHEN (besides "all rooms"):

Kitchen tables wiped.

 Kitchen sinks are cleaned and descale.

 Wipe tables, chairs and other available furniture surfaces.

 Floors are vacuumed and washed.

 Coffee machine, kettle and the like. wiped outside.

 Cabinet doors, refrigerator and the like wiped outside.

TOILETS / BATHROOMS (in addition to "all rooms"):

 Hand-basins are washed.

 Toilet seats and basins are cleaned and descale.

 Water taps and mirrors are cleaned and descale.

 Shower cabinet / bathtub and faucets / shower heads are cleaned and descale.

 Floors are vacuumed and washed.

OTHER, once a month:

All floor panels and radiators are dusted. Cleaning is in all cases up to 190 cm. Moreover, extra tasks such as interior cleaning of the refrigerator etc. can always be ordered.

Get your offer today!

Of course, time depends on interior design and your final wishes and needs. Write a short email with a number of m2, and if you want cleaning help every or every two weeks, you will get a quick and easy time estimate with price.

We spend a lot of time training our cleaning assistants, whether they are new to the profession or have many years of experience. There is no termination or binding period on private contracts. We only need to be notified at least 24h - or as soon as possible in case of emergency - prior to the cancellation or change of the cleaning day.

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